October Reflection

During 2014-2015, we are celebrating the Highland Presbyterian Church Mission Statement. This month, our emphasis is: “We believe we are called to guide our children and support our neighbors.” I am so glad that the Session wanted these two things right up front because this is _DSC0068much of what we do at Highland – not only on Sunday but throughout the week. On Sunday mornings, the buildings are virtually bursting with energy as children

“We believe we are called to guide our children and support our neighbors.”

and young people move to and from classes and worship. One of our goals this year is to help our children be more involved in worship. There are new worship bags (made by the women from the STITCH program we run at Kentucky Refugee Ministries) with activities for young children and worship bulletins especially for older children with questions to guide their reflection. Throughout the year, you will see children helping to lead worship, usher and take up the offering alongside adults.


DSC_5613On Sunday afternoon and evenings, once again the buildings come alive with youth and their activities – fellowship, meal and choirs. But now there are three youth groups (rather than two) because so many young people have been coming! And a new fellowship activity has been added: the new “tween” group for older elementary kids meets three times a month. On Wednesday evenings, over sixty children from age four through 5th grade arrive for choir rehearsals. The Lyric Choir has already led in worship and on Sunday, October 25, ALL of our choirs will be leading in Music Festival Sunday!
We are also called “to support our neighbors.” I see that happening in three ways. First, our church hosts a different community support group five nights a week; KRM provides services and conducts classes for refugees in Pleune-Mobley; and the Highland

Pres. Weekday and Nursery School serves over 100 children and their families during the school year. Second, our mission budget supports the local and global mission of the Presbyterian Church; provides critical resources to local agencies like Highlands Community Ministries, Cabbage Patch and Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary. Third, we collect food for Portland Avenue and Thanksgiving baskets for HCM; we volunteer with Habitat for Humanity; and much more!
As we begin our Stewardship campaign this fall, our projected budget for 2015 is going up approximately $90,000 or just over 6%. Most of the increase is driven by personnel and facilities. To meet the needs of our growing programs for children and youth, the Session has hired a new Christian Education Assistant. Increase utility and maintenance costs are due in part of our being a “six-day-a-week” church. Only our increased financial support can keep these significant ministries going and growing!


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