2015-16 Sanctuary Renovation

01_04_2016_outside 00101_04_2016_outside 00212_15_2015 outside wall 001 12_15_2015 outside wall 002 12_15_2015 outside wall 00312_11_2015 sanctuary 01211_17_2015_sanctuary_013  11_17_2015_sanctuary_007 11_17_2015_sanctuary_008 11_17_2015_sanctuary_009 11_17_2015_sanctuary_010 11_17_2015_sanctuary_01411_17_2015_sanctuary_015 11_18_2015_sanctuary_016 11_02_2015_Basement_00711_18_2015_sanctuary_017 11_18_2015_sanctuary_018 11_18_2015_sanctuary_019 11_18_2015_sanctuary_020



Poured concrete in the basement


Concrete bases in the basement floor


3_RENO10_01_2015 organ 004jpg

Organ – Boxed and wrapped for protection. Chancel floor covered.

10-28_2015_AC and Basement_002

A/C Unit & Ductwork in Basement

10-28_2015_AC and Basement_003

Ductwork being removed, A/C unit disconnected

10_22_2015_FLOOR Basement_002

10_28_2015_Basement_003 10_28_2015_Basement_00411_04_2015_Basement_009

7_RENOVATION 10_01_2015 ceiling 002


10_22_2015 SCAFFOLD_light removal_001

10_23_2015 ceiling 006

10_28_2015 ceiling 007


4_RENO10_01_2015 organ 003

Protecting the Organ Pipes

6_RENOVETION_10_05_2015 ceiling 005 1_RENOVATION9_29_2015 organ Box 01

Sunday Worship

Twenty-Second Sunday After Pentecost


Oct. 21, 2018

Sunday School For All Ages: 9:30 a.m.
Two Worship Service: 9:30 and 11:00 a.m.
Preaching: Rev. Cynthia M. Campbell
Scriptures: Mark 10: 35-45
Music: Quartet, Alpha and Chancel Choir

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