Prayers of the People

Offered by Rev. Matt Nickel in 11:00am Worship Service on January 17.

Invited, you gathered for a wedding, in a small village, off the map.

Celebrating with the festivals and friends,

we are reminded that you became human; one of us.

And you created this sign with the simplest of elements: water.

We need it to drink, we need it to live.

It gathers in lakes; it flows through rivers.

So simple, yet so mysterious and complex.

With water you recieve us into your dying and rising in baptism.

With water you reveal your sign in the world.

At a glance, it looks like a simple raise of the glass to the wedding party

—but these waters we know are so much more than a good gesture:

These jars of water show signs that you long for equality in a world so thirsty for it.

The wine of abundance you made for all the people, not just the privileged.

It is liberating, humanizing, as you transform your people with grace and possibility.


When we need your signs more than ever, O Lord.

We’ve lived through a bad year for loving our neighbor.

And a new set of political elections are challenge us to love you,

when so many political idols seek to disturb us.

O God we need you in our time in the same way we need water.

And we need your promised glory like the transformations Jesus can author.


The witness of Martin Luther King Jr. exposed to the world

that none of us can walk alone and that we do not walk alone.

So we ask that you O Christ would walk with us, for we know you are alive by the Spirit.

May the world follow in the direction of your eternal promises made flesh,

your divine hope for reconciliation made earthly, for here, for now, for we cannot wait.

We know you do not hold back your abundance, or hesitate

that you are never reluctant with grace poured out upon grace.

So guide us by another way that we may do the same.


May your peace disrupt the systems of violence and inequality still at work.

May your grace break through barriers of ignorance and naiveté regarding racism.

May your hope inspire all to discover their responsibility to build wholeness.

May your love form deep roots that nourish your ways endlessly in our lives,

And in the life of the world.


And when we think we may have had enough,

When we are not sure where to turn,

When we do not know if we can keep going,

Call us again to worship fo here we turn to you with thanks and praise,

always seeking strength through the prayer you gave the people to pray saying…

Our Father…