March Pastor’s Column

Between now and the end of the month, we complete our journey with Jesus through death to the transformation of resurrection. This season of Lent is our annual opportunity to reflect on how we are living a transformed life here and now. It is a time to remind ourselves that being a Christian means to be one who pledges for be a follower of the path that Jesus taught, the path that Jesus embodied in his own life. It is not just enough to call ourselves by the name “Christian.” Being a disciple implies and requires a way of life that reflects Christ.


Traditionally, Lent is a season in which we are invited to intensify our discipleship. Many people do this by taking time each day for prayer and reflection, which is why we provide a set of daily devotionals written by church members and staff. Another option is to engage in particular activities which put us in touch with Jesus’ own ministry. Our mission statement provides some wonderful examples of Christ-like ministry: We believe we are called to guide our children, support our neighbors, comfort the troubled, soothe the suffering and bless the dying.


One of the ways we all participate in these ministries is by supporting HPC with our offerings. Because of your financial support we have amazing ministries with children and youth; we support neighbors in Louisville through our support of Highlands Community Ministries, the Cabbage Patch, Portland Avenue Community Trust, Habitat for Humanity and many more. Our pastoral staff, Stephen Ministers and deacons – and many others – reach out every day to the trouble, the suffering, the dying and those who mourn. These activities are the mission of our congregation. But they can become your mission as well. In the days of Lent that remain, consider how you might engage in one act each day that draws you more deeply into Christ’s own mission. As you make the journey towards Easter, you might begin each day with the question: how will I meet Christ in whomever I meet or work with today?


The season of Lent culminates in the Great Three Days. David Gambrell, associate for worship in our national Presbyterian office, has written an article about how we will be celebrating the deep mystery of these days. Please note below the dates and times for services below. And note especially, that on Easter Sunday, we will have three worship services at 8 AM (with youth leaders, choirs and communion), 9:30 and 11:15 (with Chancel Choir and brass). The third service will begin a bit later so as to allow us to better accommodate people leaving and arriving from Fellowship Hall. Let us come together and share in the journey from death to transformation, from darkness to light.


Cynthia Campbell, Pastor



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