May Pastor’s Column

Together: that is the operative word of our capital campaign. It’s the way we are running the campaign, and it is the way we will reach our goal. By now, I know you have all heard about “Sharing Hope – Building Hope.” More than 80 of you are volunteering in some way – small and large – as leaders. Over 200 of you have participated in an information meeting to learn more and to share stories of how this church matters to you and to ask questions.

Here is what we can accomplish together: we will restore our sanctuary – a place made holy by nearly 130 years of worship. It will be a stronger and more secure building than it has even been. It will be more energy-efficient. But mostly what it will be is home.

This summer, we will also rebuild and reconfigure the playground at the Nursery and Weekday School, so that our children and our neighbors will all have a much better place to play. In the coming year, we will put a sprinkler system for fire suppression in the Walker-Nevin Building. Later on, we will repair and refurbish our gym and complete other smaller projects on this building – continuing to care for these spaces entrusted to us.

By far the biggest part of our project is completing the build-out and refurbishing of the Pleune-Mobley building, in large part to meet the needs of the expanding work of Kentucky Refugee Ministries. When we are done, our buildings will provide spaces that are safe and welcoming for people who have been forced out of everything they once called home to start over here in Louisville.

Our goals are ambitious, and our vision is big. Our success lies in one word: together. This campaign needs gifts of all sizes, but what it needs most is all of us participating together as God has blessed us and as God inspires us. On May 22, we will collect and dedicate all of our pledges and gifts in worship. And I know that on that day, we will have a lot to celebrate, because we are in this together.


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