Each year, all members of the congregation are asked to make a pledge to support the work and mission of the church. The Session of the church presents a draft budget in the fall, which sets out the program and goals that the budget seeks to support. Included in the budget is a goal for congregational giving. Although the church does have income from invested funds that are the result of generous gifts in the past, gifts from members constitute the largest and most important source of income. Learn more.

What Pledges Make Possible

The budget supports the church’s worship, education programs for children, youth and adults, fellowship activities and the upkeep of our various buildings. Highland also supports the ministry of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) around the world as well as various community ministries in Louisville. Throughout the year, we receive special offerings for denominational programs and for disaster relief in times of crisis.

The church receives commitments through an annual pledge.A pledge card is available to make an offer. It can be filled out and returned to Church Business Administrator. It can be mailed to Highland Presbyterian Church / c/o Church Business Administrator / 1011 Cherokee Rd. / Louisville, KY 40204.

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