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HPC Children’s Schedule, Spring 2018

HPC Children’s Schedule, Spring 2018

 January 3rd – Children’s Music Ministry rehearsals resume

(CMM meets every Wednesday night from 5:30-6:15 unless noted otherwise below)

January 12th-13th – Roots (3rd-5th graders) Overnight

January 21st – Children’s Musical Rehearsal (3:00-4:30) – 

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Youth Spring Schedule 2018 (January 2018-May 2018)

Youth Spring Schedule 2018 (January 2018-May 2018)

 We will follow regular youth group schedule on Sunday evenings except where noted below.  Here is the regular schedule:

Middle School (6th-7th grade)

5:00-6:00 – Youth Music

6:00-6:30 – Dinner

6:30-7:30 – Youth Group


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500TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE REFORMATION LECTURE SERIES – At this significant milestone, Highland plans on engaging and learning about the meaning of Reformation history for our 21st century lives over a Sunday lunchtime series. It will launch on Sunday, September 17 at 12:15 pm in the Dining Room.

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Sunday School: Faith & Film

The father and son team share insight into the filming The Way and how God played a part in it.
Source: Emilio Estevez and Martin Sheen on Faith and Filming The Way |
Sheen sees a great takeaway in the film for American families, especially during this difficult economic time.

“People are beginning to focus on, well, what is really important,” he says. “Families are starting to come together, starting to eat together. They’re not on the run all the time. There’s nowhere to run now. They’re forced to relate to one another; and they’re finding value in things that they’d overlooked because of this mass media and the hustle and bustle and anxiety of modern life. It’s taken its toll. And maybe there’s something going on, spiritually, that we had not anticipated. God works in very, very mysterious ways. Maybe something’s going on that is going to cause a rising in people that is going to be grace-filled for all of us.”

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