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Race: The Church Responds


February 12:  Led by Cynthia Campbell

February 19:  Led by Matt Nickel

February 26:  Led by Laura Cheifetz (contributing author to the book)

On Sundays February 12, 19, 26 at 4pm in the Session Room, Highland will discuss church engagement in the work of racial justice using the book Race in a Post-Obama America: The Church Responds.

Order your book now: short book provides deep contexts for conversations race and the church.



In Case you Missed It…

Pastor Cynthia Campbell wrote an opinion piece for Courier-Journal – “What Happened, Not What If”

Pastor Cynthia Campbell offers the invocation for the Empower West Book Club (skip to 24:30)

Carol Anderson presents at the Empower West Book Club.

Contemplative Prayer & Photography

Following the first class, people are invited to make their visual prayers by taking photos. Here are some suggestions below. If you want a primer, you can download the class notes.

Photo Assignment for January 25

  • Start each day asking God for wisdom and guidance to see with the heart.
  • Take them in color or in black and white.
  • As you go about regular life in your neighborhood, your house, familiar streets, at work, in town, see what your notice. Receive the photos you open yourself to.
  • Using your phone or camera see things that are signs of God’s presence. This might look like one of these or even beyond these:
    • Human Expression: Interactions of people
    • God at the Farmers Market: What does the presence of God look like, smell like, feel like, taste like?
    • A New Old Thing: Something familiar that you have not noticed before.
    • Gratitude: Something on the street that feels welcoming or generous
    • Seeing Patterns: receive a photo that creates lines, shapes, textures, or symmetry.
    • When something draws your interest or curiosity, see it with openness, with the eyes of compassion and gentleness.
    • Is there a building, or pattern, or imfections you see that are interesting?
  • Give thought to what signs there are of God’s presence in these things.
  • The second and third prompts will offer more specific things to look for.
  • Remember, seeing is the goal, not perfection.
  • If you want to share the photos: email them to

Faithful Steward Award

By Jim Crowley

Chair, Church in the World Committee


The Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary (LPTS) honored Highland Presbyterian, along with Second Presbyterian Church and Independence Presbyterian Church (IPC) of Birmingham, Alabama, with its 2016 Faithful Steward Award, which honored the three congregations for long standing support of the Seminary. Among the ways that Highland has assisted LPTS are by providing intern opportunities for students and through direct financial support to their scholarship program.


Other examples of the length and durability of our relationship include the two endowed chairs in honor of former Highland Pastors: the William A Benefield, Jr. Chair of Evangelism and Global Mission and the Henry P. Mobley Chair of Doctrinal Theology. Members of our church community also have strong connections with the Seminary; Susan Grubbs and Jane Welch are among several members that have served as Seminary trustees and, of course, the late David Hester and Gene March were both LPTS faculty members.


Louisville Seminary is one of ten Presbyterian seminaries throughout the country and Highland’s relationships extend beyond our city. Cynthia Campbell was President of McCormick Theological Seminary in Chicago before we were so fortunate to have her with us as our Pastor and she is also on the board of the Presbyterian Publishing Corporation. Lee Hinson-Hasty is on the PCUSA’s Committee on Theological Education.


In a world that seems to be increasingly polarized, in politics, religion and civics, it is even more important to be educating and training a new generation of thoughtful, reasoned and knowledgeable church leaders. The Seminary’s vision statement puts it well, “[…] the Seminary provides theological resources for the church by striving to interpret the gospel in an ever-changing world, by extending the horizons of theological inquiry and by shaping the church’s intellectual foundation for its faith and ministry. In all these activities, our aim is to nurture the convictions, character, vision, wisdom and forms of life vital to leadership in the Christian community and the wider culture (emphasis added).”


We are fortunate to have LPTS in our city and are honored to partner with them. This is yet another example of how your stewardship gifts are used to support the broader church while providing support to presbyterians and Christian leaders for the next generation.


Read the Louisville Presbyterian Theological news story on their website.

Resources for Issues of Race & Justice

As people of faith we are called to engage, support, and witness to unity and justice for all people. As ongoing events reveal a continual need to justice around issues of race and civil rights, here are some resources to learn, engage, and participate in public witness. If you have other resources to suggest and add, please email Associate Pastor Matt Nickel at



A Reading List for America – Offered by New York City Public Library.


Black Lives Matter (Louisville) – The local chapter of the Black Lives Matter movement hosts vigils and Stand Up Sundays, which are events held every Sunday at 3:00 pm to talk, plan, and Turn Pain into Power about the current movement surrounding #BlackLivesMatter and police repression.


Showing Up for Racial Justice (Louisville) –  SURJ organizes local rallies and opportunities for public witness to organize white people for racial justice. Find the Louisville chapter’s events on Facebook or the national organization at their website:


The Root – This is a sources for news, opinion and culture site from African-American influencers.  Founded in 2008, under the leadership of Dr. Henry Louis Gates Jr., The Root provides smart, timely coverage of breaking news, thought-provoking commentary and gives voice to a changing, more diverse America. Visit us at, on Twitter @theroot and on Facebook.


Forward Radio – A Louisville community radio station that used radio media for the transformation of society. Listen online or at 106.5FM in the city.


Parents for Social Justice (Louisville) – This group on Facebook engages issues around social justice and how to educate our families and children around issues. Find the group on Facebook.




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