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November Pastor’s Column

Every day, I said, “How are you?” And every day, he answered, “Grateful.” He was an elderly African American man who parked cars for a living at a garage I used in Chicago. His wife had died some years before, and parking cars gave him something to do and some (very) modest income.

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10 Minutes of Stewardship

“10 Minutes with Brett and Patricia Connally”

By Rob Fohr, Stewardship Committee member

As part of its 2015 campaign, the Stewardship Committee is engaging in conversations with church members in a variety of ways. In early September, Brett and Patricia Connally and their three children: Amelia,

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10 Minutes about Stewardship

10 Minutes with Gene and Lynn Gant March

By Lee Hinson-Hasty



Lee: You are both retired teaching elders. How long have you been at Highland? What keeps you here?

Gene: Our daughters brought us to Highland in 1984.

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