Transitional Pastor / Head of Staff

The Pastor/Head of Staff is a teaching elder/member of the Presbytery of Mid-Kentucky who is called to serve as Pastor to the congregation and Head of Staff for the ordained and non-ordained, exempt and non-exempt staff members. The Pastor/Head of Staff leads the congregation as it develops leaders for long-term growth and health to advance the church’s mission and ministry.

The Transitional Pastor will serve:

  • As Moderator of Session
  • As Head of Staff and Lead Pastor, consistent with the current position description for Pastor/Head of Staff, which is stated below.
  • As facilitator of the Session, which will be leading the congregational through the Developmental Tasks, which include
    • Coming to terms with History
    • Discovering a New Identity
    • Allowing and Empowering New Leadership
    • Renewing Denominational Linkages
    • Commitment to New Leadership and a New Future
    • Accountability and Evaluation
    • Relationship with the Pastor/Head of Staff Nominating Committee

The Ministry Information Form (MIF) can be found HERE and a full Job Description can be found HERE.  Applications should be submitted to HighlandTPNC@gmail.com.