Summer OT Class

“Theological Narrative and Deuteronomic History”

(In other words, never let the truth get in the way of a good story)

This summer, church member Kevin Burns developed an taught an Old Testament Survey for youth through adult that reviews many well-known texts from the Old Testament. Whether a reminder of how familiar Old Testament stories connect together is helpful or if learning the “agenda” of the ancient Hebrew editor who composed the final versions of the narratives in our Old Testament sounds interesting or engaging how the history of the Hebrew Bible compares with the archaeological record seems valuable; this class offers a way to study these things together. This class was taught from July 9, 2015 to August 16, 2015.


Below you will find a link to download Powerpoint slides from the class and a link to videos of each class.


July 12 

Mythic Storytelling from a Hebrew Point of View:

“The Purpose of Humanity” (Genesis 1-11)

Powerpoint for Class 1 |  Watch Video Online (Sorry no video available)


July 19

Patriarch Legends and Literary Motifs:

“Abraham, Isaac, Jacob” (Genesis 12-35)

Powerpoint for Class 2 |  Watch Video Online


July 26

Moses, the First Savior:

“Covenants, Contracts, and Community” (Exodus)

Powerpoint for Class 3|  Watch Video Online


August 2

Dueteronomic History: Part 1

“Joshua, Judges, and Conquest” (Joshua and Judges)

Powerpoint for Class 4|  Watch Video Online


August 9

Dueteronomic History: Part 2

“We Three Kings” (1 & 2 Samuel, and 1 Kings)

Powerpoint for Class 5 |  Watch Video Online


August 16

Prophets and a Divided Kingdom:

“Conscience of the King” (2 Kings and the Prophets)

Download Slides  |  Watch Video Online


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