Care & Nurture

Care to the members of our congregation and beyond is carried out daily in a variety of ways. As a church community, we sustain one another through prayer, support, listening, meals and many other ways. Session, staff and the entire congregation work together to coordinate how we can best practically and graciously give and receive care in the name of Christ.


Prayer Requests » 

You are welcome to submit your prayer request.


Board of Deacons » 

Deacons are church members called to the ministry of care and service among the congregation.


Stephen Ministry » 

When significant life events occur, sometimes the care of a Stephen Minister is valuable support.


Meal Train »

When a significant life event occurs, a prepared meal can help in challenging times. If you would like to help offer care through meal ministries, consider being a part of a Meal Train to offer care and support. You can request a meal train as well. Contact Susan Sawning if you would like to help offer meals for care and support at or 919-360-1209.


Prayer Quilts » 

When a serious life event brings the church to surround people in prayer, the congregation will sometimes offer a prayer quilt made by church members.


Please call the church office or one of our pastors (502-451-2910) regarding prayer concerns, hospitalization, surgeries, loss or other circumstances where pastoral and congregational care would be supportive.

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