Children on Sundays

Sunday School for Children

All children are welcome to worship with the entire congregation. Children can participate in leadership through ushering, greeting, reading scripture, and singing in children’s choirs. There are opportunities to learn about faith and be a part of a church family through worship.


Sunday school is from 9:30 to 10:30 am year round, but ending at 10:15 in the summer. Children learn in a variety of ways by learning through art, music, movement, reading, sharing, thinking, and wondering about Bible stories. A wide range of Bible stories are learned by the time a child completes Fifth Grade, all the while incorporating people of faith from around the world, music, and learning in our Reformed Christian Tradition.


During worship children have options:


  • Childcare in the HPC Children’s Wing, Room 201
    Care is provided by staff child support and volunteers from 9:15 am to 12:15 pm.
  • Threes can go directly to “Bible Buddies.”
  • Fours and Kindergartners are encourages to go to worship for the first fifteen minutes. They leave worship following the “Time for Young Disciples” to go to “Bible Buddies.” They leave when we sing “Jesus Loves Me”
  • Look for worship bags and the children’s table in the back of the sanctuary. Items are available for elementary children who remain in worship. These supplies are to be used during worship and returned at the end of the service. Thank you!


Sunday School Classes will start on September 13th, 2015.     (Meet in the Sanctuary at 9:30 am on September 13th for Rally Day)


Sunday School will continue meeting every Sunday morning from 9:30-10:30.  Parents of Preschoolers –3rd graders are expected to come to their children’s classroom to pick up children after Sunday School each week. Here are the locations:


* Pre-School (children who turn 3 and 4 before Oct 1st) – Children’s Wing – Room 200.
* Kindergarten and 1st graders – Children’s Wing Room 202.

This Sunday School Class will use the curriculum “Holy Moly” (published by Sparkhouse), emphasizing the basic stories of the Bible for all children, and fostering familiarity with Biblical characters through video, plan, and art. Teachers are Terry Fontenot, Heather Harrell, Angie Moore, Dede Oldham, and Michael Schnuerle.
* 2nd-3rd graders – Children’s Wing Room 203 (the chapel).

This Sunday School class will also use the “Holy Moly,” emphasizing the basic stories of the Bible for all children, and

fostering familiarity with Biblical characters through video, plan, and art. Teachers are Jessica Allen-Pickett, Patricia

Connally, Cathleen Palmer, Garret Sams, and Anne Sams.
* 4th -5th graders – YMMC (in Pleune-Mobley Building) – Classroom 2 (this is in the Youth Space on the 2nd floor.).

This Sunday School class will an Old Testament survey curriculum. Additional emphasis will be on memorizing the books of the Bible and basic theological concepts (trinity, incarnation, creation, etc). Teachers are Becky Slagle, Cynthia Grohmann, and Rebecca Wood.

Please note that 4th and 5th graders will be walked back to the Fellowship Hall after Sunday School each week.



Worship Class – Two classes offered periodically to 1st graders and 2nd /3rd graders will meet as the children go to Bible buddies and continue meeting until the end of worship during September and October. (The children who participate will be recognized in worship in October.) These classes will teach children why we worship, what the different parts of worship mean, and how they can participate. Teachers are Amanda Boyd, Doodle Harris, and Ann Holmes.


Bible Buddies

Bible Buddies is a class for threes, fours, and K’s to have an alternative during worship. The class meets in the chapel to offer stories, songs, prayers, playtime, snacks, and crafts. The chapel is located on the second floor of the main church building (Room 203).

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