Mission of the Month

Women of the World Club 

by Linda Raymond Ellison


Every Thursday, women from around the world come to the Pluene-Mobley Session Room for 90 minutes of food, culture and fun that we call the Women of the World Club – WOW.


Every week, Highland’s team prepares lunch with homemade baked goods, soups or main dishes, salads and fruit for up to 15 women from the world’s most troubled places. We read, often about a subject suggested by the women: selecting a bank, starting a business, understanding grocery prices, Kentucky culture, “that horse race where people get dressed up,” and more. The subjects and food are usually linked – with sometimes sticky results. (How better to introduce fall in Kentucky than by making caramel apples?) We close with a craft that draws on the women’s considerable creativity and sometimes provides the only decorations for their new homes. They tell us that WOW provides a brief respite from stress, worry, loneliness, and grief that often dominate their lives.


The Highland team, Ginny Cromer, Helen Jones, Phyllis Eagletree, Betty Smith and Linda Raymond Ellison, get to know our international women for only a few weeks. Then the women get jobs, their first big step to building independent lives in this country. When they leave, they thank us for peace and love.

Sunday Worship

Baptism of the Lord Sunday

Jan. 13, 2019

Sunday School For All Ages: 9:30 a.m.
Two Worship Services: 9:30 and 11:00 a.m.
Preaching: Rev. J. Herbert Nelson
Scriptures: Isaiah 43:1-7 and Luke 3:15-17
Music: Quartet and Chancel Choir

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