Advent Youth-led Worship

December 7, 2014 - 05:45 PM / 06:45 PM


ADVENT WORKSHOP – All Families are invited to participate in our Advent Workshop, Dinner, and worship service on December 7th!
4:00 – Children and Families join in the Fellowship Hall for Christmas Crafts centered around the theme of Music!
4:00 –  Cynthia Campbell and Mary Rapier will lead a class about music in the church during Advent and Christmas. Part of this class will be sing-a-long!
5:00     Dinner for everyone in the HPC Dining Room! Although Dinner is free, everyone will have the opportunity to contribute to the cost  of his meal!
5:45 – Youth-led Worship Service in the Sanctuary! Our confirmation Youth (and several friends) will lead worship in the Sanctuary!
This worship service will be family-friendly and will have activities especially for younger children!


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