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God listens to our prayers…

In the Children’s worship bulletin on Sunday, October 26, there was a prompt for our youngest to write a sermon. Lauren in the Fourth GrP1050829ade wrote the sermon below. Thanks to Lauren for sharing her sermon with us.


God always listens to our prayers. Even though millions of people are listening to music, singing, and praying all the time God listens to each and every on of us, comprehending each word, each syllable we pronounce, Even though you may not know it, you are always talking to God. Whether you are talking on a phone, or reading, or even sleeping, God is watching. If you think aphotobout it, you’re always doing something. Thinking, breathing, watching TV. If you are thinking, God can hear it and understands how you feel. If you watch TV, God sits beside you on the carpet and laughs at jokes. You can’t hide from God no matter how hard you try. Thanks be to God. Amen.