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Prayers of the People

Prayers of the People – 2015.07.26

By Rev. Matthew Nickel


O God, who is strength for the weary,

For those recovering give encouragement and resolve,

Guide people in need of sustainable employment,

For relief from debt, reconciliation when relationships remain disconnected.

Be a powerful presence for them and for us.


O God, who is refuge where there is violence,

So many years ago we prayed Columbine, never again.

And now so many names, so many cities. 204 mass shootings in 204 days.

So many places of political unrest.

We pray and we pray, how long O Lord?

Be a present fortress against the fear and danger so many face.


O God who is abundance for those needing good news,

We give thanks, that in the middle of brokenness and heartbreak,

Between struggle and anticipations your love is present and unfailing.

Awaken us to your grace alive in places we may not be able to see.

Be for us and for all, Immanuel, God with us.


O God, who is patience for the anxious,

We pray for those who wait for letters or phone calls,

For medical results, for acceptance, for a friend to lean on.

Be a calming hope for them and for us, when we grow anxious.


O God, who is healing for the hurting,

Surround those who desire forgiveness,

And empower those who desire to forgive.

We pray for those in need of peace, safe space,

And the opportunity to be heard.

Be a source of love that repairs their spirit and ours.


O God, who is merciful toward the people,

Hear our prayers when we pray, for our petitions are many.

Hear our thanks when we pray, for our gratitude runneth over.

Hear our prayer of unity, we add our voice to that of the saints

When we pray the prayer you gave us to pray saying… Our Father…