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Presbytery Support for Syrian Refugees

Resolution for Protection and Hospitality for Syrian Refugees

Passed by the Mid-Kentucky Presbytery on November 21, 2015


We, on behalf of the 53 congregations and more than 8,000 members of Mid-Kentucky Presbytery, affirm our commitment as followers of Jesus Christ to share the love of strangers and care for the vulnerable. Remembering that Jesus as a child was a refugee and as an adult welcomed strangers, we seek to provide safe refuge and hospitality to those fleeing war in Syria.


We call upon our neighbors in Kentucky and our fellow citizens in the United States to join us in seeking to protect and to provide hospitality to Syrian refugees.


We call upon our state and national leaders to remember our nation’s commitment to inclusion and choose justice over fear in responding to those affected by the Syrian war.


The Presbytery of Mid-Kentucky directs the Presbytery Moderator to send the Resolution for the Protection and Hospitality for Syrian Refugees to Governor Beshear, Governor-Elect Bevin, our members of Congress, President Obama, and our regional media outlets.



Greg Cohen


Mid-Kentucky Presbytery

21 November 2015

July Pastor’s Column

One of the joys of being Presbyterians is the knowledge that we are not on our own as a congregation. We are connected to other congregations in ministry, and together we are able to do more in witness and service than any one congregation could do on its own. But, in order to make that happen, there are committees and task forces and boards (there’s a surprise!).  All teaching elders are expected to share some of our time and energy with the larger church – the Presbytery, the Synod, the General Assembly, and other bodies that report to them. I am very proud of the way that the pastoral staff of Highland Presbyterian Church steps up to contribute to the vitality of the work of our larger church. Here’s what we are doing on your behalf (all of it for the Presbytery of Mid-Kentucky, unless otherwise noted):


            Charles Brockwell (Parish Associate for Member Care) is on the Commission on Preparation for Ministry, which supervises all candidates for ordination during their seminary training and until they are ordained.

            Cynthia Campbell (Pastor) serves on the Commission on Ministry which supports congregations seeking new pastors and congregations during other times of special need. As of last month, I am a member of the Administrative Commission for Meadowview Presbyterian Church, helping them through a time of financial difficulty. I am also a member of the Board of the Presbyterian Publishing Corporation (the parent of Westminster John Knox Press) and co-chair of the Reformed-Roman Catholic Dialogue for the General Assembly of the PC(USA).


            Doodle Harris (Associate Pastor for Christian Education and Youth) is co-chair of the search committee for the new Presbyter for Community Life for PMK. She is also on the Education Unit and the Youth Council. Beyond the presbytery, Doodle serves as Vice-Moderator of the Mid-South region of the Association of Presbyterian Church Educators and is on the editorial board of Advocate (APCE’s online magazine).


            Matt Nickel (Associate for Congregational Life, Outreach and Mission) is a member of the Coordinating Commission (formerly known as Vision and Planning) for PMK, served on PMK’s Structure Task Force, and is the Presbytery’s representative to the board of RunPossible, a spin-off from Sweaty Sheep that coaches homeless persons and recovering addicts to run with the goal of running in a local 5K race.


            We are by no means the only members and participants at Highland who serve the broader church, and hopefully some of them will share insights from their service in the future. But we, on the pastoral staff, are particularly grateful for the opportunity to serve the church beyond this congregation. Because you support us in this, our work is, in a sense, an extension of Highland’s ministry to church, community and the broader world. Thank you!


Cynthia Campbell