Baptism is the sign and seal to show that we belong to Jesus Christ. In baptism, we become one with Christ and members of Christ’s Body, the church.


Highland Presbyterian Church baptizes on behalf of the whole church of Jesus Christ and we recognize the Baptisms of all Christian churches, which are administered with water in the name of God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.


When an infant or young child is baptized, the parent or parents are asked to profess their faith in Jesus Christ and promise to raise the child to know and follow him. When an older child or adult is baptized, they are asked to profess their faith in Christ and their intention to be his disciple. In both cases, the congregation promises to nurture and support those being baptized so that they are able to grow in faith.


Requests for baptism are approved by the Session. Anyone seeking baptism for themselves or their child is encouraged to contact one of the pastors.

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