The Christian funeral is a service of witness to the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Because Christ has overcome the power of death, we trust that death will not separate us from one another and from God’s love.


In this service, we gather to worship God, to give thanks to God for the life of the one who has died, and to surround family and friends with prayers and support. It is appropriate to hold the funeral service in the sanctuary because this is where the community gathers for prayer and praise. Music is an important part of the service and should emphasize our trust in God’s promises of life. When a casket is present, it remains closed during the service. A hand-embroidered pall is available to cover the casket if desired. Members are encouraged to provide the church with information about the arrangements at the time of death, including selections of scripture and music.


Funeral Planning Booklet (2018) is available to assist families in planning for funeral services.

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